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Application process

Who can apply?

The BRIDGE 53 is open to researchers from all partner research institutions in Hamburg with translational projects in anti-infectives research and adjacent fields. If you are interested in the BRIDGE 53 and have any further questions regarding the application process and fields of funding, please contact the program coordinator.

What are the benefits?

Applicants benefit from financial support for funded projects and from the combined technical expertise and physical resources of the BRIDGE 53 partners in building and implementing early stage drug discovery and development programs.

Up to two projects with a max. volume of 500.000 € per project can be supported with funding split between the PI’s lab(s) and the industrial partner. The split is depending on the project’s scientific requirements.

When can I apply?

Call for application is open once per year. Interested academics should first talk to both the BRIDGE 53 program coordinator and a member of the technology transfer office of the respective research institution. The deadline for the 2nd Call is 12 August 2019 (23:59).

Confidentiality within BRIDGE 53?

The BRIDGE 53 partners are under a duty of confidentiality regarding information disclosed to them in the course of the partnership. However, information should not be disclosed to BRIDGE 53 which is subject to a duty of confidentiality to a 3rd party; for example, where research results have been generated from a project with a commercial sponsor. If in doubt, researchers should first check with their technology transfer office.

How can I apply?

Here you can download the application form for the submission of your project idea. Please fill out the application form in English.
After finalizing your application, please submit your document here.

What about previous funding and collaboration partners?

  • Previous collaboration with external partners does not necessarily preclude an application to BRIDGE 53, but applicants should work with their tech transfer office to ensure that an application does not conflict with any 3rd party rights.
  • Prior receipt of proof of concept funding sources does not necessarily preclude an application to BRIDGE 53. Such awards should be disclosed in an application and discussed with the respective technology transfer office to ensure eligibility.

How long does it take from project application to project launch?

  • Evaluation of projects will be based on the written draft and on an in-person pitch during the Joint Steering Committee meeting. The meeting will take place shortly after application deadline, probably in mid-September.
  • Ultimate project funding will be provided via the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank. More details on the funding program PROFI can be found here.
  • In case your project idea is chosen, a final project draft will be worked out with the designated industrial partner. This process can vary, depending on the respective project details.


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